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Interesting Facts About Darts You Didn’t Know

You might think throwing darts is the kind of game that you play as a way to fill time at the pub.  You may go through a few drinks and notice the vacant dartboard in the corner.  If you put enough time into it, you can impress your friends with impossible aims.
When you do start throwing darts, you might also need a few fun facts to throw around in case the conversation starts to die off.  We’re here to help with a few facts about darts.

1. The Number Layout Is Not Random

You might step up to the line (more on that later) and wonder why in the world the numbers aren’t sequential around the edge like a clock.  While the simple answer might be that it’s done this way to mess with your head, that’s only partially accurate.  It was designed this way to punish the slightest inaccuracy.  If you aim for the 20, just know that the 1 and the 5 were placed there on purpose.

2. The Line You Throw from is Called the “Oche,” but it Wasn’t Always the Case

When someone tells you to get behind the Oche, just know that they’re talking about the line you throw from in darts.  It was first introduced by the British Darts Organisation around the 1970s, and it’s based on a Flemish word for “notch.”  This is a fairly recent word, but the original word for that line was “hockey.” This was created around the 1920s when the rules for darts were standardized.

3. Speaking of the British Darts Organisation, They Aren’t Around Anymore

The BDO was created in 1973 and was a founding member of the World Darts Federation.  In the UK, it governed the rules and organized professional events for almost 50 years.  Sadly, the BDO was closed in 2020 due to financial problems and a lack of interest in the media.  However, the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) now governs the sport in the UK.  This is fitting since the PDC was actually a spinoff from the BDO in the early 1990s.

4. You Can Gamble on Professional Darts

There are professional darts matches, so you can naturally place bets on your favourite betting sites.  The best betting darts betting sites UK are William Hill, Betfred, Ladbrokes, Coral, and Bet365.  Even if you’re not one to place bets, if you want to pick up some pointers and improve your own skills, watching the professional can help you.  As a bit of added motivation, you can place a bet on the matches and maybe make a bit of money while you’re learning. 

5. There Are At Least 8 Other Ways to Play

501 may be one of the easiest to remember, but here are several other options for you with a brief overview of how the games are played.

6. The Classic Way to Play Is Called “501”

Believe it or not, the most popular way to play has nothing to do with accumulating the most points.  “501,” which is the format used in most professional matches, refers to the number of points players start with.  Starting at 501 points, each dart thrown (assuming it hits a defined point value on the board) reduces the number of points.  The goal is to reduce the points to exactly 0 points.  The final throw to reach zero must hit either a double or the bullseye.  If the player busts (or goes below zero), the player reverts to the score at which they started on their final round.

7. The Game Dates Back to the 1300s

Soldiers in the 1300s had trouble winding down between battles, of which there were many.  So, they’d turn over wine casks and throw spearheads, arrowheads, or knives at the bottoms of barrels.  Officers and nobles would encourage the pastime as it improved the soldiers’ aim.  However, the sport of darts as we know it today wasn’t created until 1896.

Final Thoughts

Darts may be a game you don’t go for automatically at the pub since it requires a bit of skill, and you may not want to look like a fool in front of your friends.  However, there are several games you can try.  Not only that, watching professional darts may give you a few pointers, and you can find the motivation to watch by placing a bet on the matches.

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